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Why pursue your dreams?

Well, you don’t have to. You can just live an ordinary, boring, predictable life. And nothing is wrong with consistency and security. No one wants an existence frought with confusion or that is precariously next to a crisis every other week.

So you ask yourself-so what?

If you value a goal like paying off your mortgage faster than the term of your loan, or padding your kid’s college fund, the loyalty of a company, its paycheck and benefits answers your “so what?” But some people just don’t care about long-term goals like these.

I’m a creative, so for me, expression, freedom, and respect from peers in the art field are what matter to me more than if I’m at a company for 20 plus years.

But then there’s the reality of “so what?”

I want to buy my own house and get an SUV on my own.

I thought needed the help of a spouse before for dreams like these. I’m not bitter over our split anymore, but I realize that I never should have married him. I thought I needed an “us” to start my own business, buy a vehicle, and buy my own house.

This is not true.

I just took a new full-time position in a company that I love and have added plus of benefits and retirement for my “so what”fulfillment. I am old enough to need retirement, after I cashed in 2 of my own personal savings for business ventures. And I made sure I discussed with my employer that I’m taking Master’s level classes and that I am a photographer and writer away from work. He agreed and respected both my goals and my commitment to his business needs.

That’s part of my “so what” question. I have the best of both worlds-the ability to work for myself, and the ability to have income that will support my future.

When you ask yourself what matters to you, and you live for yourself, you become authentic. You will feel successful and know that you’re utilizing talent in a way that is respected to make the world a better place. You’re not put on this earth to just work, eat, sleep and die. There is a life to live.

So when people ask you why you’re doing things your way, or “why does this matter to you,” you can just respond- “Because it does. And it’s my life, not yours. That’s what.” Enough said.

One thought on “So What?

  1. Absolutely agree with you, 100%! It’s no one else’s business, but yours! Congratulations on your new job. Hope it allows you to succeed in all your dreams. Blessings to you.


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